Adam Monk, also known as 'App Man', is the brother of Andrew Monk and son of Tom & Helen Monk. He is fairly shy, but also strong, courageous and is the main protagonist in the App Man Series.

Biography Edit


Adam Monk

Adam Monk was born in Queens, New York, on February 15, 1994. With his parents, Tom & Helen Monk and his brother Andrew Monk, they lived in Queens until 2005, when they moved to 55 Oakland Avenue, in the district of Brickbrooke, just outside the city of Blockam.

In 2011, his brother, Andrew ran away from home and was captured by Bufferman. For 5 years, he remained missing, forced to serve under the evil super villain as a Glitcher

That same year, Adam attended college in the city and graduated in 2013, moving back to his parent's house in Brickbrooke, before they moved to Philadelphia.

He then got a job at Herman Inc., and is currently working as a collection officer, working very closely with the CEO, John Herman.

Adam was raised a Catholic, and still is one today, attending church every Sunday.

Alter Ego Edit

Adam became the superhero 'App Man' when his phone was struck by lightning.

The lightning gave his phone 'super apps', and he now had a new set of abilities.

His powers consist of many abilities, most notably - the ability to fly, invisibility, and the ability to move objects by pointing his phone at said object.

His main motivation for working for Herman Inc. was the prospect of helping people, but when he found that the company wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and he wasn't contributing to society in the way he hoped to, his new abilities and alter ego gave him the perfect opportunity to fix that whole in his life.

He started to dedicate all his spare time in assuring that the City of Blockam was safe, by rescuing people from harm, and catching criminals on the run. As news stories started to catch on that a new superhero was on the rise, he was given the nickname 'App Man'.