"He could be bad for business. Be sure to take care of him"

Bufferman, Episode 1

"Heroes are so predictable!"

Bufferman, Episode 2

Bufferman is a fictional character created by William Osborne for the Lego App Man web series and is voiced by Jay Silver. He is the ring-leader of the Glitchers (an organisation which are accountable for many crimes - from black market trade to terrorism).

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bufferman started off as an IT expert. In the years that followed, he took a dark path, and became a computer hacker. He came to create the Glitchers. His mission was to build up an army of henchmen and join his secret organisation. After doing so, he would become the head of the Glitchers, being backed by corrupt officials of high authority, with the one aim of world domination, and killing anyone who stood in their way in the process.

Using his knowledge for hacking, Bufferman was able to create a software with the capability of hacking into people's phones. Once he has hacked into their phones and knows enough information about them, he installs a buffer-symbol on their phones, which has the power to hypnotize them. In his control, he then forces them to join his cause.

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