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Dennis Daniels was a vigilante who attempted to assassinate John Herman. He features in App Man Season 1 Episode 3 and is voiced by Chris Boyer.


Dennis Daniels was the son of Robert Daniels, who was once the Vice President of Herman Inc.

Working for John Herman, his father discovered some revealing secrets about him - Money laundering, avoiding tax and donating money to the Glitchers. Because of this, Robert was threatening to expose him, but before he could do so, John Herman assigned the Glitchers to kill him, therefore keeping his terrible secrets.

The only other person who knew about this was Robert's son, Dennis. For 4 years, he plotted his revenge.

After these 4 years had past, Dennis was finally ready to avenge his father, by shooting John Herman through the window of his office, from across the road. Adam Monk, who was in the office at that very moment, jumped on top of Mr. Herman, causing the approaching bullets to miss him. After this, he flew through the window of the building across the road in his jet-pack and chased after Dennis Daniels.

Adam tried to stop him from escaping, but Dennis was too fast.

After this attempt on his life, John Herman, with links to the Glitchers, hired Bufferman to find him and have him killed.

In his second attempt to kill John Herman, Dennis disguised himself as one of his employees and injected him with a high dose of insulin, once he was alone in his office. As he tried to escape the building, he was murdered by one of the Glithcers, and John Herman was sent to hospital, after suffering from a hypoglycemic coma from the insulin injection.