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The Glitchers are a criminal organisation with the ultimate aim of world domination.

They are known to secretly plot acts of terror and eliminate anyone who finds out.

They partake in organised crime, often assigned by their leader, Bufferman, to murder individuals that pose a threat to them. They are also hired assassins, payed by other wealthy criminals, to take down their enemies.

The Glitchers are slaves, forced to do their job, unwillingly. They have attached to them at all times, a recorder, a tracking device and a detonator. If they are caught disobeying their leader, then he/she will detonate their bomb, blowing them up. They usually form in groups on their missions, but they sometimes split up, hunting down their opponents.

They use 3 different laser guns - a blue tip stun gun (used to knock someone out), a red tip gun (used for killing), and a bazooka.

The Glitcher Database contains information about their opponents, and also a list of people to eliminate. One of the current names on the list is App Man, and it is quite likely that there is an account of known information about him on their database. There is some information on the database that only Bufferman has access to, including information about their clients, who in return for a generous amount of money, will have their enemies eliminated for them.